We follow a strict protocol for clinical hygiene and safety that kicks in before patients even enter the operatory.

  1. Instruments are sterilized in a four-step process that includes:
    • Manual cleansing to remove deposits and residue.
    • Sterilization in an ultrasonic cleaner which operates a different frequencies, depending on the type of instrument being sterilized.
    • A solution (5% dodecyl-dipropylene-triamine & trialkyl ethoxy-ammonium-proclinate) is used in this step.
    • Packaging in sealed pouches after instruments are dried.
    • Placement of sealed pouches in an autoclave that uses pressurized heat to guarantee 100% sterilization.
  2. All surfaces that patients come into contact with are covered with cling film and changed after each treatment.
  3. Doctors and dental assistants wear disposable masks, gloves and shoes that allowed to be worn only in the clinic.
  4. Clinic audits are conducted regularly to ensure that protocols for sterilization and hygiene are followed thoroughly and consistently.